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PUBLISHING SOON! Advanced Healthcare Ethics Workshop: Navigating Complex Ethical Challenges

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Summary Overview: Building upon foundational knowledge in healthcare ethics, this advanced workshop is designed for healthcare professionals who seek a deeper understanding of complex ethical challenges and strategies for resolution. Through case-based discussions, interactive exercises, and expert guidance, participants will enhance their ethical reasoning skills and develop practical approaches to address nuanced ethical dilemmas in clinical practice. Delivery Method: Workshop offered in person or virtually, featuring interactive discussions, case analyses, and group exercises. Participants engage with expert facilitators and peers to explore advanced ethical concepts. Learning Objectives: -Apply advanced ethical reasoning to complex healthcare dilemmas. -Navigate ethical challenges in research, resource allocation, and crises. -Address implicit bias and demonstrate cultural competence. -Promote ethical integrity and resilience in healthcare settings. Target Audience: Experienced healthcare professionals, including clinicians, researchers, ethicists, and administrators, seeking to deepen their understanding of advanced ethical principles. Facilitators: Expert facilitators lead discussions, case analyses, and reflective exercises, possessing specialized knowledge in healthcare, research, and crisis ethics. Materials Required: -Presentation slides, case study materials, and handouts provided. -Additional readings on advanced ethical frameworks. -Virtual breakout rooms for interactive activities. -Internet connection and audio/video capabilities. Evaluation: -Feedback collected through a post-workshop survey to assess effectiveness. -Feedback informs future workshop iterations. Certificate of Completion: Participants receive a certificate acknowledging their advanced training in healthcare ethics and dedication to ethical practice.

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