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Exploring Healthcare Ethics: A Workshop for Healthcare Professionals

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Workshop Summary: This workshop is designed to engage healthcare professionals in an interactive exploration of ethical issues commonly encountered in healthcare practice. Through case studies, discussions, and reflective exercises, participants will deepen their understanding of healthcare ethics and enhance their ability to navigate complex ethical dilemmas. Delivery Method: -Conducted either in person or virtually, based on participants' preferences and logistics. -Utilizes presentations, group discussions, case studies, and interactive exercises. Learning Objectives: -Identify and analyze ethical dilemmas in healthcare. -Apply ethical principles in clinical decision-making. -Demonstrate cultural competence in ethical challenges. -Promote ethical leadership and advocacy in healthcare. Target Audience: -Healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and administrators. Facilitator: -An experienced expert in healthcare ethics. Materials Required: -Presentation slides, handouts, case study materials. -Flipcharts or virtual whiteboards. -Internet connection and audio/video for virtual sessions. Evaluation: -Feedback through a survey or questionnaire to assess and improve the workshop. Certificate of Participation: -Provided upon completion, acknowledging engagement in ethical practice in healthcare. Note: -The workshop fosters a supportive and collaborative learning environment, valuing all perspectives.

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